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Isabel Fryszberg 4.27.22 - Downtown with Rich Kimball

Isabel Fryszberg 4.27.22

Singer-songwriter and artist Isabel Fryszberg talked with us about her new single, DISTANCE, and the wonderful video that goes along with it.


  1. Rita Rubin says:

    I too, am an occupational therapist (retired) and have known Isabel for many years. She is a very multi- faceted women who has cultivated her many talents. Everytime I come into contact with her I discover more fascinating aspects of her gifts. She is a delight to be with and to know.

    1. Thank you Rita for your kind comment. Really appreciate.

  2. A marvellous interview that projects intelligence and warmth, and deals with current and past injustices, personal experience, and the intersection of art, creativity, mental health, and joy. Congratulations Isabel!

    1. Isabel fryszberg says:

      Thanks for your listening! You comments warms my heart. Isabel

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