Brian McLaughlin 9.12.19

Brian McLaughlin from Hero Sports takes a look at some of the key FCS football games.  

Brian McLaughlin 9.5.19

Brian McLaughlin of Hero Sports joined us to talk FCS football.

Colin Fleming 9.3.19

Writer Colin Fleming discusses “A Hard Day’s Night” and some of the things that terrify him every day.

Brian McLaughlin 8.29.19

Brian McLaughlin of Hero Sports helped get us ready for the first full weekend of FCS Football.

Phil Steele 8.27.19

Phil Steele of ESPN and returned to Downtown to preview the college football season.

Upton Bell 8.22.19

Upton Bell, author of “Present At The Creation” and a former NFL GM and scout, talked with us about the 100th anniversary of the formation of the league and the role played by his father, Commissioner Bert Bell.

Charlotte Wilder 8.21.19

Charlotte Wilder of Sports Illustrated joined us for a typically wide-ranging conversation on today‚Äôs show:    

David Roth 8.8.19

David Roth of Deadspin joined us this afternoon to discuss the state of the world and that of the New York Mets.

Craig Haley 8.7.19

Craig Haley of STATS FCS and Athlon Sports joined us to discuss college football.

Al Melchior 7.30.19

With the MLB trade deadline looming, we checked in with fantasy baseball expert Al Melchior of The Athletic.

Ted Berg 7.29.19

USA Today baseball columnist Ted Berg talked with us about the upcoming MLB Trade Deadline.

Brian McLaughlin 7.25.19

Brian McLaughlin of Hero Sports joined us to discuss the coming season of FCS Football.

Kevin Marshall 7.24.19

Kevin Marshall of FCS Nation Radio talks with us about the coming college football season and his partnership with Downtown, which promises to bring even better coverage of Maine’s run for a national championship.

Colin Fleming 7.16.19

Writer Colin Fleming shared some baseball thoughts with us on today’s show.

Jason Turbow 7.1.19

Jason Turbow returned to Downtown to discuss his new book on the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers, “They Bled Blue”.