Colin Fleming 9.19.17

Writer Colin Fleming looks back on a couple of unjustly forgotten teams, the 1977 Red Sox, one of the most power-laden in Boston history, and the 1977-78 Bruins, a great team overshadowed by the great Montreal clubs of the day.

Gary Thorne 9.8.17

Broadcaster and Maine native Gary Thorne talks with us about his career and induction into the University of Maine Sports Hall of Fame.

Colin Fleming 9.6.17

Author and critic Colin Fleming returned to Downtown to look back thirty years to some of the greatest hockey ever played, the 1987 Canada Cup.

Evan Davis 8.28.17

Major League Baseball writer Evan Davis joined us to talk about the Red Sox struggles, the amazing season of Giancarlo Stanton, and the wild card races.

Charlotte Wilder 8.14.17

Charlotte Wilder of SB Nation visited with us to talk about her recent piece on the Jonesport-Bears Lobster Races.

Ted Berg 8.11.17

USA Today’s Ted Berg looks at the MLB pennant races and favorites for MVP.

Evan Davis 8.7.17

Evan Davis of Fan Rag Sports and the In Play Podcast joined us to talk Major League Baseball and we also got Evan’s thoughts on the return of Twin Peaks.

Fiona Davis 8.1.17

Author Fiona Davis visited with us to discuss her new book, “The Address”, a wonderful bit of historical fiction and mystery centered around the historic Dakota apartment building.

David Roth 7.19.17

David Roth of Vice Sports joined us to talk everything from NBA Summer League basketball to the Donald Trump Truck Face.

Jay Jaffe 7.17.17

Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated and talked with us about his upcoming book, “The Cooperstown Casebook”.

Dan Epstein 7.7.17

Author Dan Epstein joined us today to discuss the usual wide variety of topics from singer Gene Chandler to the wonder of Jack Brohamer.

Evan Davis 6.26.17

Evan Davis of the In Play Podcast joined us to talk Major League Baseball on today’s show.

Chuck Klosterman 6.30.17

Author Chuck Klosterman returned to Downtown for a lengthy conversation about his new book, “X”, a collection billed as a “highly specific, defiantly incomplete history of the early 21st century.” Our wide-ranging discussion covered everything from rabid raccoons in Maine to Charlie Brown, “Breaking Bad”, and Tom Brady’s political aspirations.

Ted Berg 6.19.17

Ted Berg of USA Today joined us to talk baseball. Ted offered his thoughts on the surprising Rockies & Twins, the scuffling Astros, and the Red Sox chances.

Patrick Hruby 6.16.17

Patrick Hruby of Vice Sports has written a tremendous article about the NCAA’s insistence on maintaining amateurism by refusing to pay athletes and he discussed it with us on today’s show.