Alex Shultz 1.14.21

Alex Shultz of joined us to discuss how sports media has done a disservice to college athletes.

Bob Ryan 1.11.21

We always cover a lot of ground when Bob Ryan pays a visit to the show and today was no exception, as we discussed the recent passing of some Celtics legends, college basketball, and more.

Dr. Joanne Freeman 1.6.21

Dr. Joanne Freeman, Yale historian and author of “The Field of Blood: Violence In Congress and the Road to Civil War”, shared her thoughts on today’s attacks in Washington, D.C.

Michael Socolow 1.6.21

University of Maine historian Michael Socolow joined us to discuss the events unfolding in the nation’s capitol today.

Jay Jaffe 1.4.21

Jay Jaffe of Fan Graphs and the author of “The Cooperstown Casebook” talks with us about this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame voting.

David Roth 12.28.20

If there’s anyone who can make sense of 2020, it’s David Roth of Defector, who gave it his all on today’s Downtown.

Charlotte Wilder 12.8.20

Charlotte Wilder of Fox Sports joined us to disucss her newfound love of Virginia basketball, the surprising New York Giants, and more.

Ed Odeven 11.30.20

Journalist Ed Odeven joined us to discuss his new book, “Going Fifteen Rounds with Jerry Izenberg.” Now available at (

David Roth 11.2.20

David Roth of Defector helped get us in the proper frame of mind for tomorrow’s election.

Michael Socolow 11.2.20

Historian and journalist Micahel Socolow joined us to discuss the election and election night coverage.

Jon Alba 10.28.20

Jon Alba of Spectrum Sports 360 joined us to discuss the new Bruce Springsteen album and film, “Letter To You,” and to share his thoughts on the World Series win by the Dodgers.

Jeff Pearlman 9.21.20

Author Jeff Pearlman returned to the show to discuss his new book, “Three Ring Circus: Kobe, Shaq, Phil, and the Crazy Years of the Lakers Dynasty”.

David Roth 9.14.20

David Roth of Defector returned to the show this afternoon to talk Skip Bayless, the NBA playoffs, and the state of the union.

Bobby Wilder 8.11.20

Former Maine Black Bear and Old Dominion Coach Bobby Wilder talked with us about the state of the college football season and his  concerns over the elimination of Olympic sports from athletic programs.

Larry Strauss 8.11.20

Journalist and educator Larry Strauss joined us today to discuss the reopening of schools around the nation.