Armando Camina 5.21.20

Armando Camina joined us on Downtown to discuss the work of the Hope, Faith, and Charity Foundation.

Jenney Wilder 5.20.20

Jenney Wilder of joined us to discuss ways to talk with kids about Coronavirus anxiety.

Dr. Joanne Miller 5.13.20

University of Delaware professor Joanne Miller joined us to discuss the reasons behind the popularity of conspiracy theories during these stressful times.

Upton Bell on Don Shula 5.4.20

Upton Bell joined us this afternoon to discuss the passing of NFL legend, Don Shula:

David Roth 4.17.20

David Roth returned to Downtown today to discuss, among other things, his piece in The New Republic on the government response to the Coronavirus.

Heather Cox Richardson 4.10.20

Heather Cox Richardson joined us this afternoon to discuss her new book, “How The South Won The Civil War.”

Mike Giardi 3.13.20

Mike Giardi of The NFL Network joined us to talk about the Tom Brady situation and the impact of Coronavirus on the league.

Charlotte Wilder 3.9.20

Charlotte Wilder of Sports Illustrated joined us on today’s show.

Al Melchior 3.6.20

Al Melchior of The Athletic joined us to talk fantasy baseball.

Gary Thorne 2.25.20

Baltimore Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne joined us to discuss the upcoming baseball season.

Brian McLaughlin 2.10.20

Brian McLaughlin of Hero Sports discusses CAA football recruiting classes.

David Roth 2.6.20

Writer David Roth joined us to discuss a wide range of topics, including the Mets’ ownership situation, the Mookie Betts deal, and the State of the Union.

Michael Socolow 2.3.20

Historian and author Michael Socolow joined us live from the Iowa Caucuses today, joined by students from the Kid Unity project.

Jon Alba 1.23.20

Jon Alba of Spectrum Sports 360 talked with us about the Celtics-Magic matchup Friday night.

Jay Jaffe 1.13.20

Jay Jaffe of Fangraphs and the author of “The Cooperstown Casebook” joined us to discuss this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot.