Brad Teague 11.12.18

Dr. Brad Teague, Director of Athletics at Central Arkansas and the NCAA FCS Football Selection Committee Chair, talked with us about the criteria for choosing the field of 24.

Charlotte Wilder 11.8.18

Charlotte Wilder of Sports Illustrated joined to talk about her “Most Valuable Podcast”, the Red Sox world series win, and her reaction to seeing “A Star Is Born”.

Colin Fleming 11.6.18

Writer and critic Colin Fleming talked with us about the unexpected reaction to his appreciation for ballet.

John Eisenberg 11.1.18

Author John Eisenberg discusses his terrific book, “The League – How Five Rivals Created The NFL and Launched A Sports Empire”.

Colin Fleming 10.30.18

Writer Colin Fleming talks about this season’s memorable Red Sox team.

Bob Walsh 10.30.18

Former Maine basketball coach Bob Walsh shared his thoughts on the recent trial involving college basketball.

Chris Matthews 10.25.18

Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC’s “Hardball”, joined us to discuss his book, “Bobby Kennedy:  A Raging Spirit”.

Gerry Monteux 10.18.18

Photographer and former sportscaster Gerry Monteux joined us to share his thoughts on the Red Sox, Patriots, and more.

Vinnie Iyer 10.4.18

Vinnie Iyer, NFL columnist for The Sporting News, talks about tonight’s Pats-Colts game and the first four weeks of the season.

David Roth 10.4.18

David Roth of Deadspin joined us for a discussion of contemporary America, sports, and the propensity for some guys to get into bar fights.

Colin Fleming 10.2.18

Colin Fleming joined us to look back at two remarkable one-game playoffs, the 1948 Sox-Indians match-up and the 1978 Sox-Yankees game.

Craig Haley 9.5.18

Craig Haley of STATS/FCS joined us to talk college football.

Jeff Pearlman 9.3.18

Author Jeff Pearlman joined us to discuss his new book on the USFL, “Football For A Buck:  The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL.”

Colin Fleming 8.28.18

Writer Colin Fleming talked with us about his new short story, “Sequentials.”

Sean McDonough 8.28.18

Sean McDonough of ESPN joined us to look ahead to the college football season.