David Roth 5.25.18

David Roth of Deadspin returned to the show to discuss a typically wide range of topics. from Trump’s knowledge of the ocean to the NBA playoffs and the acting mastery of Ted Danson.

Rick Barton 5.25.18

Ambassador Rick Barton joined us to discuss diplomacy and his new book, “Peace Works”.

Pat Callaghan 5.23.18

Pat Callaghan of News Center Maine joined us for a look back at 1968 and Edmund Muskie’s Vice-Presidential run.

Joanne Freeman 5.22.18

Yale professor and author Joanne Freeman discusses her book, “The Field of Blood: Violence In Congress and the Road to Civil War”, and also shares her thoughts on Alexander Hamilton and the phenomenon of the musical based on his life.

Jay Jaffe 5.17.18

Jay Jaffe of FanGraphs joined us to look at the first quarter of the major league baseball season.

Bob Ryan 5.17.18

Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe talked with us about the Celtics’ playoff run, the Red Sox, and more.

Patrick Hruby 5.15.18

Journalist Patrick Hruby talked with us about the ramifications of the Supreme Court decision on sports betting in New Jersey.

Jerry Crasnick 5.14.18

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN joined us to talk Major League Baseball.

Brian Gaine 5.10.18

Houston Texans General Manager and former Black Bear Brian Gaine joined us to talk about the recent draft and the coming NFL season.

Terry Virts 5.3.18

Astronaut Terry Virts joined us to discuss his experiences in space and his book, “View From Above”.

Colin Fleming 5.1.18

Writer and critic Colin Fleming talked with us about two classic films, Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” and Orson Welles’ “Touch of Evil”.

Bob Walsh 4.27.18

Former Maine Black Bear basketball coach Bob Walsh talked with us about the Rice Commission’s findings on NCAA basketball and the Celtics-Bucks series.

Robert Kurson on “Rocket Men” 4.26.18

Author Robert Kurson discusses his book, “Rocket Men”, on the 1968 voyage to the moon of Apollo 8.

Vinnie Iyer 4.24.18

Vinnie Iyer, NFL columnist for The Sporting News, previews the upcoming draft.

David Roth 4.19.18

David Roth of Deadspin returned to Downtown to discuss our usual wide range of topics, including the NBA playoffs, the strong play of the Mets and Red Sox, and the wonder of Bartolo Colon.