Colin Fleming 1.15.19

Writer Colin Fleming with his weekly visit to Downtown.

Dr. Starks & Dr. Mendoza-Salazar 1.10.19

Dr. Michael Starks and Dr. Ana Mendoza-Salazar from St. Joseph Healthcare visited with us to discuss Thyroid Awareness Month.

Dr. Stephen Masley 1.10.19

Dr. Stephen Masley, author of “The Better Brain Solution”, joined us to discuss ways to improve cognition and slow down memory loss.

Jay Jaffe 1.7.19

Jay Jaffe of FanGraphs joined us to talk about this year’s candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

David Roth 1.4.19

David Roth of Deadspin explains why the olive bar at your supermarket may be a microcosm of society and tells us that even the bad baseball owners have more money than you think.

Vinnie Iyer 1.3.19

Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News visited with us to discuss the opening round of the NFL playoffs,

Bob Walsh 12.21.18

Bob Walsh of IMG Academy joined us to to talk about the NCAA basketball season.

Steve Klauke 12.3.18

Weber State broadcaster Steve Klauke joined us to learn about the Wildcats, who host the Maine Black Bears in an NCAA Quarterfinal game Friday night.

Tom Nichols 11.21.18

Historian, author, and political commentator Tom Nichols joined us to talk about America in the age of Trump.

Gerald Posner 11.21.18

Author and JFK assassination expert Gerald Posner joined us to discuss the 55th anniversary of President Kennedy’s murder and the lingering doubt much of the public has about the role of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Dave McKenna 11.16.18

Dave McKenna of Deadspin joined us to discuss his remarkable piece on former UMaine athletic Director Patrick Nero, who left George Washington University under mysterious circumstances.

Brad Teague 11.12.18

Dr. Brad Teague, Director of Athletics at Central Arkansas and the NCAA FCS Football Selection Committee Chair, talked with us about the criteria for choosing the field of 24.

Charlotte Wilder 11.8.18

Charlotte Wilder of Sports Illustrated joined to talk about her “Most Valuable Podcast”, the Red Sox world series win, and her reaction to seeing “A Star Is Born”.

Colin Fleming 11.6.18

Writer and critic Colin Fleming talked with us about the unexpected reaction to his appreciation for ballet.

John Eisenberg 11.1.18

Author John Eisenberg discusses his terrific book, “The League – How Five Rivals Created The NFL and Launched A Sports Empire”.