Jeff Pearlman 9.21.20

Author Jeff Pearlman returned to the show to discuss his new book, “Three Ring Circus: Kobe, Shaq, Phil, and the Crazy Years of the Lakers Dynasty”.

David Roth 9.14.20

David Roth of Defector returned to the show this afternoon to talk Skip Bayless, the NBA playoffs, and the state of the union.

Bobby Wilder 8.11.20

Former Maine Black Bear and Old Dominion Coach Bobby Wilder talked with us about the state of the college football season and his  concerns over the elimination of Olympic sports from athletic programs.

Larry Strauss 8.11.20

Journalist and educator Larry Strauss joined us today to discuss the reopening of schools around the nation.

Patrick Hruby 8.6.20

Journalist Patrick Hruby returned to the show to talk about the NCAA’s continued reluctance to intervene in fall sports during the pandemic.

David Roth 7.31.20

Writer David Roth returned to the show today to talk about the new web site,

Larry Tye 7.31.20

Historian and author Larry Tye joined us to discuss his latest book, “Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy”.

Brian McLaughlin 7.24.20

Brian McLaughlin of Hero Sports joined us to talk about FCS Football, the liklihood of a season, and whether a spring schedule could work.

Joe D’Antonio 7.14.20

Colonial Athletic Association Commissioner Joe D’Antonio talked with us about the possibilities of a college football season and the options the league is considering.

Bill Barry 7.8.20

NASA Historian Bill Barry returned to Downtown to look back fifty years to the flight of Apollo 13 and the work done to bring the crew back safely to Earth.

Patrick Hruby 7.7.20

Journalist Patrick Hruby returned to Downtown to explain why he thinks the NCAA is failing to protect college student-athletes from the Coronavirus.

Jim Halloran 7.2.20

Baseball historian and author of “Baseball In America”, Jim Halloran, takes us on another journey through the game’s past, as we revisit the 1964 pennant race.

Jon Solomon 6.30.20

Jon Solomon of The Aspen Institute joined us this afternoon to discuss youth sports and what approach should be taken during the pandemic.

Jim Halloran 6.18.20

Baseball historian and author Jim Halloran takes us back in time for a look at the 1951 pennant race.

Joanne B. Freeman 6.16.20

Yale historian and author Joanne Freeman returned to Downtown to discuss the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and the fall election.