Heather Cox Richardson 2.9.24

Historian Heather Cox Richardson returned to the show to discuss her book, DEMOCRACY AWAKENING, and the state of our union.

David Roth 1.18.24

David Roth of Defector joined us on today’s show to discuss the NFL, Celtics, social media, and the legal wizardry of Alina Habba.

David Roth 11.14.23

David Roth of Defector joined us on today’s show to discuss life expectancy, Jim Harbaugh, social media, and Hallmark movies.

David Roth 9.15.23

David Roth of Defector and The Distraction Podcast returned to Downtown to share his thoughts on a wide range of topics.

Don Argott 9.12.23

Filmmaker Don Argott talked with us about the new documentary, KELCE, the story of Philadelphia Eagle veteran Jason Kelce considering the right time to retire from the NFL.

Joe Posnanski 8.30.23

Author Joe Posnanski returned to the show to discuss his new book, WHY WE LOVE BASEBALL: A HISTORY IN 50 MOMENTS.

Phil Steele 8.23.23

College football expert Phil Steele joins us to preview the 2023 season. Order his preview and get much more information at:  philsteele.com

Dr. Joanne Freeman 8.18.23

Yale historian, author, and podcast host Dr. Joanne Freeman returned to the show this afternoon to discuss a wide range of topics, from freedom of the press to political violence, women’s sports, and Broadway musicals. Dr. Freeman is the author of THE FIELD OF BLOOD and hosts the webcast, HISTORY MATTERS, available at:  NCHEteach.org/conversations

Chris Van Dine 8.16.23

Chris Van Dine from Phil Steele’s College Football Preview joined us to discuss the coming season in the CAA and FCS football.

David Roth 8.3.23

David Roth of Defector was back with us on today’s show to discuss the Mets, the latest Trump indictments, and more.

Jim Axelrod 7.26.23

Jim Axelrod, Senior Correspondent for CBS News, joined us on today’s show to discuss starting his television career in Bangor, his award-winning reporting on the opioid crisis, the challenge of covering modern politics, and his recent interviews with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bruce Springsteen.

Kani Xulam 7.13.23

Kani Xulam, Director of the American-Kurdish Information Network, joined us from his 300-mile, 24-day walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the headquarters of the United Nations to discuss the 100th anniversary of the partitioning of Kurdistan.

Jay Jaffe 7.12.23

Jay Jaffe of FanGraphs and the author of The Cooperstown Casebook joined us for an All Star Break look and the major league baseball season and what to expect in the second half.

David Roth 6.22.23

David Roth of Defector and The Distraction podcast visited with us on today’s show.

R.K. Russell 6.22.23

Former NFL player, activist, and author R.K. Russell returned to the show to discuss his book, THE YARDS BETWEEN US.