Al Melchior 3.18.19

Fantasy baseball expert Al Melchior returned to Downtown to offer advice in advance of Draft Day.

Colin Fleming 3.12.19

Writer Colin Fleming discussed coffee with us on today’s show.

Ted Berg 3.12.19

USA Today baseball columnist Ted Berg joined us on today’s show.

Charlie Creme 3.6.19

ESPN bracketologist Charlie Creme joined us to discuss the possible field for this year’s NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

David Roth 3.1.19

David Roth of Deadspin joined us for a typically wide-ranging and entertaining conversation.

Charlotte Wilder 2.27.19

Charlotte Wilder of Sports Illustrated joined us to talk about the new season of The Wilder Things.

V.J. Stanley 2.22.19

V.J. Stanley of Balanced Excellence talked with us about better approaches to athletics and academics for young people.

Al Melchior 2.18.19

Al Melchior of The Athletic joined us to discuss fantasy baseball and the season ahead.

Dick Vitale 2.18.19

Legendary ESPN analyst Dick Vitale visited with us to talk about his new book, “Dick Vitale’s Mt. Rushmore of College Basketball”, his upcoming honor at the Sports Emmys, and who he likes as March Madness approaches.

Kevin M. Kruse 2.12.19

Princeton University history professor and author Kevin M. Kruse talked with us about his book, “Fault Lines”, and how we begin to bridge the divides in American society.

Colin Fleming 1.29.19

Writer Colin Fleming discusses Jackie Robinson’s impact on the eve of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Michael Socolow 1.24.19

Historian and author Michael Socolow joined us to discuss a wide range of subjects, from Elizabeth Warren to former NFL player Bob Kuechenberg.

Colin Fleming 1.22.19

Writer Colin Fleming talks about the value of play.

Colin Fleming 1.15.19

Writer Colin Fleming with his weekly visit to Downtown.

Dr. Starks & Dr. Mendoza-Salazar 1.10.19

Dr. Michael Starks and Dr. Ana Mendoza-Salazar from St. Joseph Healthcare visited with us to discuss Thyroid Awareness Month.