Martin Rogers 7.17.18

Martin Rogers of USA Today joined us to recap all that happened in Russia at the World Cup.

Colin Fleming 7.3.18

Writer and critic Colin Fleming talks with us about his unique workout regimen.

David Roth 6.29.18

David Roth of Deadspin joined us on Friday’s show to discuss the usual wide range of topics.

Colin Fleming 6.19.18

Writer Colin Fleming with some advice on how to become a more evolved human being.

Colin Fleming 6.12.18

Writer Colin Fleming on the most overrated and underrated statistics in baseball and the changing nature of the New England Patriots.

Gary Thorne 6.12.18

Baltimore Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne joined us to talk about the Sox-O’s series and the teams to beat in the American League.

Al Melchior 6.5.18

Fantasy baseball Al Melchior joined us to discuss the season, possible free agent finds, and buy low/sell high candidates.

Ted Berg 6.4.18

USA Today baseball columnist Ted Berg visited with us on Monday’s show.

Joe Posnanski 6.1.18

Joe Posnanski of The Athletic and returned to Downtown to discuss a wide range of topics, including the exciting first third of the baseball season, the statistic that won’t go away, and one of the most amazing 162 games stretches in history.

Larry Tye 5.31.18

As we continue our look back at 1968, author Larry Tye (“Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon”) recalls Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential bid and assassination.

Colin Fleming 5.29.18

Writer Colin Fleming discusses the epidemic of school shootings in America and examines some of the root causes.

David Roth 5.25.18

David Roth of Deadspin returned to the show to discuss a typically wide range of topics. from Trump’s knowledge of the ocean to the NBA playoffs and the acting mastery of Ted Danson.

Rick Barton 5.25.18

Ambassador Rick Barton joined us to discuss diplomacy and his new book, “Peace Works”.

Pat Callaghan 5.23.18

Pat Callaghan of News Center Maine joined us for a look back at 1968 and Edmund Muskie’s Vice-Presidential run.

Joanne Freeman 5.22.18

Yale professor and author Joanne Freeman discusses her book, “The Field of Blood: Violence In Congress and the Road to Civil War”, and also shares her thoughts on Alexander Hamilton and the phenomenon of the musical based on his life.