Amy Morin 4.6.21

Author Amy Morin joined us today to discuss her new book, “13 Things Strong Kids Do: Think Big, Feel Good, Act Brave”.

Craig Haley 4.2.21

Craig Haley of STATS Perform FCS joined us to discuss the spring football playoff picture and leading contenders for year-end awards.

David Roth 3.26.21

David Roth of Defector helped us put things in perspective this afternoon, talking NBA, MLB, and the state of the nation.

Sidney Blumenthal 3.23.21

Journalist and author Sidney Blumenthal discusses Abraham Lincoln, the subject of an eventual five volume biography, the most recent of which is “All The Powers of Earth”.

Al Melchior 3.19.21

Al Melchior of The Athletic joined us this afternoon to share some fantasy baseball insight.

Julie DiCaro 3.12.21

Julie DiCaro joined us to discuss her new book, “Sidelined: Sports, Culture, and Being a Woman in America”.

David Roth 2.12.21

David Roth of Defector joined us this afternoon to talk baseball, impeachment, and other delights.

Mike Giardi 2.4.21

Mike Giardi of The NFL Network joined us to preview Super Bowl LV.

Gary Thorne 1.29.21

Broadcaster and Maine native Gary Thorne returned to the show to talk baseball and more.        

Ron Lieber 1.29.21

New York Times columnist and author Ron Lieber joined us for a very interesting conversation about his new book, “The Price You Pay For College”.

Annie Jacobsen 1.28.21

Journalist and author Annie Jacobsen returned to the show this afternoon to discuss her powerful new book, “First Platoon – A Story of Modern War In the Age of Identity Dominance”.

Alex Shultz 1.14.21

Alex Shultz of joined us to discuss how sports media has done a disservice to college athletes.

Bob Ryan 1.11.21

We always cover a lot of ground when Bob Ryan pays a visit to the show and today was no exception, as we discussed the recent passing of some Celtics legends, college basketball, and more.

Dr. Joanne Freeman 1.6.21

Dr. Joanne Freeman, Yale historian and author of “The Field of Blood: Violence In Congress and the Road to Civil War”, shared her thoughts on today’s attacks in Washington, D.C.

Michael Socolow 1.6.21

University of Maine historian Michael Socolow joined us to discuss the events unfolding in the nation’s capitol today.