Colin Fleming 7.16.19

Writer Colin Fleming shared some baseball thoughts with us on today’s show.

Jason Turbow 7.1.19

Jason Turbow returned to Downtown to discuss his new book on the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers, “They Bled Blue”.

Ralph Branca on “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World”

From the archives, another of our Downtown’s Greatest Hits, as former Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Ralph Branca revisits Bobby Thomson’s home run in the 1951 National League Playoff.

David Roth 6.24.19

David Roth of Deadspin joined us to talk about the Mets situation, Meet The Press, and the wonder of Rep. Steve King.

Debra Violette 6.20.19

Debra Violette of Free ME from Lung Cancer joined us to discuss the work done by her organization.  

Steve Chard 6.3.19

Steve Chard took a break from kayaking “The Great Loop” to join us in-studio today.

Michael Socolow 5.23.19

Historian and author Michael Socolow joined us to talk about the recent Australian elections and what bearing they may have on our own.

Bill Barry 5.15.19

NASA historian Bill Barry joined us to discuss the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s moon landing.

David Roth 5.3.19

David Roth of Deadspin returned to Downtown for a typically wide-ranging discussion.

Ken Belson 4.23.19

Ken Belson of the New York Times joined us to discuss his recent column on promising discoveries in diagnosing CTE.

Michael Powell 4.22.19

Michael Powell of the New York Times joined us to discuss his recent columns on CTE and college football.

Colin Fleming 4.16.19

Writer Colin Fleming talks about some of his favorite Stanley Cup playoff teams and games.

Gary Thorne 4.12.19

Maine native Gary Thorne, the voice of the Baltimore Orioles, joined us as the O’s get set to take on the Red Sox this weekend.

Bob Walsh 4.4.19

Bob Walsh of IMG Academy joined us to discuss the NCAA Basketball Final Four.

Art Shamsky 3.21.19

Former major leaguer Art Shamsky talked with us about his new book, “After The Miracle”, a look back at the Miracle Mets of 1969 and a poignant reunion of some of the members of that remarkable team.