This Day In Rock & Roll History 4.16.21

Mighty John Marshall takes us on another journey through the musical past.

Ruta Lee 4.16.21

Actress Ruta Lee returned to Downtown today to share stories from her memoir, CONSIDER YOUR ASS KISSED.

Franke Previte & Lisa Sherman 4.14.21

Singer-songwriter Franke Previte and singer Lisa Sherman joined us to discuss some upcoming virtual and live performances.

Colin Fleming 4.13.21

Writer Colin Fleming discusses walking etiquette, Orson Welles, and The Beatles at The Cavern Club.

Yeardley Smith 4.9.21

Yeardley Smith joined us to discuss her more than thirty years portraying Lisa on THE SIMPSONS, as well as working with Stephen King on MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, the early Fox series HERMAN’S HEAD, and her podcast, SMALL TOWN DICKS.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 4.9.21

Mighty John Marshall fills us in on the memorable events of This Day In Rock & Roll History.

Paula Poundstone 4.9.21

Paula Poundstone returned to the show this afternoon to accept our congratulations on winning this year’s Downtown Madness Championship, with a narrow victory over historian Heather Cox Richardson.  

Peter Asher 4.8.21

The legendary Peter Asher returned to Downtown this afternoon to focus on his work as an award-winning producer of albums by James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, and others.

Bret Stetka 4.8.21

Author Bret Stetka joined us for a fascinating conversation about his new book, “A HISTORY OF THE HUMAN BRAIN”, available now from Timber Press.

Colin Fleming 4.6.21

Writer Colin Fleming shared his thoughts on the Bruins and Red Sox, the question of Crosby v. Ovechkin, and discussed his piece on Jimmy Blanton for The Smart Set.

Dedee Pfeiffer 4.5.21

Actress Dedee Pfeiffer returned to the show today to talk about the first season of her hit series, “Big Sky”.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 4.2.21

Mighty John Marshall fills us in on the big events of This Day In Rock ‘n’ Roll History.

Ken Burns & Lynn Novick 4.1.21

Filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick returned to Downtown this afternoon to discuss their new documentary, HEMINGWAY, which airs for six hours over three nights starting April 5 on PBS.

Bill Schnee 3.31.21

Legendary recording engineer and producer Bill Schnee joined us to discuss his new memoir, “Chairman At The Board”.

Colin Fleming 3.30.21

Writer Colin Fleming with another thought-provoking conversation on his weekly Downtown visit.