This Day In Rock & Roll History 4.3.20

Mighty John Marshall takes us on another magical musical tour presented by Dunnett Appliance & Mattress in the Penobscot Plaza in Bangor.

Roslyn Kind 4.3.20

Singer Roslyn Kind joined us this afternoon to talk about her new singles, “Save The Country” and “Light Of Love.”

Franke Previte 4.1.20

Oscar winning songwriter Franke Previte talked with us about the release of his song, “One For All”, and how the proceeds will aid the victims of Covid-19. Email Franke at: for more information.

Colin Fleming 3.31.20

Writer Colin Fleming discusses Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew” and the need for risk in art.

Maude Garrett 3.31.20

Pop culture expert Maude Garrett joined us to offer some suggestions for quarantine movie watching.

Edwina Findley Dickerson 3.30.20

Edwina Findley Dickerson talked with us about her work on “The Wire” and “Treme”, and gave us a preview of the final season of “If Loving You Is Wrong.”

Elana Horwich 3.30.20

Elana Horwich joined us this afternoon to discuss her book, “Meal and a Spiel: How To Be A Badass In The Kitchen.”

Julia Duffy 3.27.20

Julia Duffy returned to Downtown to discuss her work on “Newhart” and her book, “Bad Auditions.”

This Day In Rock & Roll History 3.27.20

Mighty John Marshall brings us another lesson from the school of rock.

Billy Vera 3.26.20

Singer-songwriter-actor-music historian Billy Vera returned to Downtown today to share more stories from his career and fascinating life, documented in his memoir, “Harlem To Hollywood.” Also, check out Billy’s newest book, “Rip It Up: The Specialty Records Story”.

Colin Fleming 3.24.20

Writer Colin Fleming discusses young Orson Welles, McCoy Tyner, and “The Rifleman.”

Mark Cartier 3.23.20

Actor Mark S. Cartier joined us to discuss his work on the film, “Blow The Man Down”, and to talk about The Beatles.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 3.20.20

Mighty John Marshall with another edition of This Day In Rock & Roll History.

Amy Bass 3.19.20

Amy Bass, author of “One Goal”, joined us to discuss our current situation.

Steve Burns 3.19.20

Executive Producer Steve Burns joined us to discuss the documentary, “Pompeii: Disaster Street.”