Colin Fleming 6.18.19

Writer Colin Fleming discusses his new book, “Buried On The Beaches”.

Alan Zweibel 6.17.19

Legendary comedy writer Alan Zweibel joined us on today’s show to discuss his remarkable career.

Karen Jeffries 6.17.19

Karen Jeffries joined us on Downtown to discuss her book, “Hilariously Infertile”.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 6.14.19

Some schools might be wrapping up but Mighty John Marshall’s School of Rock never takes a Friday off.

Jessica Taylor 6.13.19

Jessica Taylor of St. Joseph Healthcare talked with us about their Fresh Produce Prescription Program.

Peter Logue 6.12.19

Filmmaker and Maine native Peter Logue joined us to discuss the making of “We Were An Island”.

Colin Fleming 6.11.19

Writer Colin Fleming discusses the continuing relevance of the Sherlock Holmes stories in what he calls a “friendless” age.

Katherine Eban 6.10.19

Author Katherine Eban talked with us about her new book, “Bottle of Lies”, on the generic drug boom.

Sally Struthers 6.10.19

Actress Sally Struthers visited with us today to talk about her love of Maine and why she returns every summer to work at the Ogunquit Playhouse.

Gloria Gaynor 6.7.19

Music legend Gloria Gaynor joined us to discuss her career and her new album, “Testimony”.

“The Russian Five” 6.7.19

Director Joshua Riehl joined us to discuss their terrific documentary, “The Russian Five”.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 6.7.19

Mighty John Marshall with another blast from the past.

Francesca Knittel-Bowyer 6.6.19

Francesca Knittel-Bowyer joined us to discuss her book, “Seen From The Wings: Luise Rainer-My Mother, The Journey”.

Stephen Talbot 6.6.19

Stephen Talbot joined us to discuss his early career as a child actor in shows like “Leave It To Beaver” and “The Twilight Zone” and his work as an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

“Mamma Mia” 6.6.19

Brianne Beck and Heather Libby from the cast of Penobscot Theatre’s production of “Mamma Mia” joined us in studio.