Rico Petrocelli 8.23.19

Former Red Sox star Rico Petrocelli talked with us about the homestretch of the baseball season and what’s gone wrong (and right) for the team this year.

Peter Bogdanovich 8.23.19

Director, actor, and film historian Peter Bogdanovich joined us to discuss his remarkable career an share his thoughts on people like Orson Welles, John Ford, Ryan O’Neal, Cher, and John Ritter.

Ryan Hannable 8.23.19

Ryan Hannable of WEEI joined us to share his thoughts on the Patriots-Panthers exhibition game and the Patrick Chung situation.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 8.23.19

Mighty John Marshall leads us on another journey to the musical past.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 8.16.19

Mighty John Marshall leads us on another journey to the musical past.

Upton Bell 8.22.19

Upton Bell, author of “Present At The Creation” and a former NFL GM and scout, talked with us about the 100th anniversary of the formation of the league and the role played by his father, Commissioner Bert Bell.

Geri Jewell 8.22.19

Actress and comedian Geri Jewell talked with us about her groundbreaking role in “The Facts Of Life”, her work on the “Deadwood” series and movie, and the upcoming “Carol of the Bells”.

Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman 8.21.19

Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman joined us to discuss their wonderful new documentary, “Linda Ronstadt – The Sound Of My Voice”.

Charlotte Wilder 8.21.19

Charlotte Wilder of Sports Illustrated joined us for a typically wide-ranging conversation on today’s show:    

Betsy Lundy 8.21.19

Betsy Lundy of the Downtown Bangor Partnership joined us in studio, along with Heather & Abe Furth of Orono Brewing Company.

Colin Fleming 8.20.19

Writer Colin Fleming talks with us about the 1984 Red Sox, the Universal horror collection, and the 60th anniversary of Miles Davis’ “Kind Of Blue”.

John Karalis 8.20.19

John Karalis from MassLive.com and the Locked On Celtics Podcast with our weekly Celtics discussion.

Anson Williams 8.20.19

Actor-Director Anson Williams joined us to discuss his television career and the new product he’s developed to combat drowsy driving, Alert Drops.

Mike Lowe 8.19.19

Mike Lowe of the Portland Press Herald joined us to discuss Black Bear football.

Chad Finn 8.19.19

We talked Red Sox and Patriots with Chad Finn of The Boston Globe on today’s show.