V.J. Stanley 2.22.19

V.J. Stanley of Balanced Excellence talked with us about better approaches to athletics and academics for young people.

Marc Calnan 2.22.19

Marc Calnan of Eastern Maine Sports with an update on the high school basketball tournament.

Jon Shields 2.22.19

Jon Shields previews the big Maine Black Bear Hockey series with Boston College.

Dionne Warwick 2.22.19

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick joined us to discuss her career and her upcoming album, “She’s Back”.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 2.22.19

Mighty John Marshall with our weekly blast from the past.

Amy Vachon 2.21.19

University of Maine women’s basketball coach Amy Vachon made her weekly visit to the show to talk about this weekend’s game against Stony Brook.

Loretta Swit 2.21.19

Actress and activist Loretta Swit joined us to discuss a new book featuring her artwork, the Icon Award she’ll receive at the Oscars party, and her eleven seasons as Margaret Houlihan on M*A*S*H*. For more information about Loretta’s book and her animal advocacy work please visit her website SwitHeart.org.

Mark Duplass 2.21.19

Mark Duplass returned to Downtown to discuss his new film, “Paddleton”, which premieres on Netflix on February 22.

Kathy Swanson & Vince O’Connell 2.20.19

Filmmakers Kathy Swanson and Vince O’Connell talked with us about their new movie, “Farmer of the Year”, which will showing soon in select theaters around the state of Maine.  

Red Gendron 2.20.19

University of Maine hockey coach Red Gendron discussed the Black Bears’ three-point weekend at Merrimack and upcoming series with Boston College.

Scott Moreau 2.20.19

Scott Moreau joined us to talk about his show, “Late & Alone: An Intimate Portrait of Johnny Cash”, which comes to the Winthrop Performing Arts Center on March 2.

Colin Fleming 2.19.19

Writer Colin Fleming discusses his new short story, “Hold Until Relieved”, and shares his thoughts on a new Netflix documentary on Sam Cooke.

John Karalis 2.19.19

John Karalis of MassLive.com discusses the post-All Star break stretch for the Boston Celtics.

Al Melchior 2.18.19

Al Melchior of The Athletic joined us to discuss fantasy baseball and the season ahead.

Richard Barron 2.18.19

University of Maine basketball coach Richard Barron made his weekly visit to Downtown to discuss the Albany game and next weekend’s match-up at Stony Brook.