This Day In Rock & Roll History 2.28.20

Mighty John Marshall with this week’s lesson from the school of rock.

Poppy Champlin 2.27.20

Comedian Poppy Champlin joined us on today’s show to talk about her career.

Zachary Robbins 2.27.20

Zachary Robbins & Gene Beck stopped in this afternoon to let us know about all the goings-on at Nocturnem Draft Haus in Downtown Bangor.

Gary Tanguay 2.27.20

We got the latest on the Boston sports scene from Gary Tanguay of NBC Sports Boston this afternoon.

Betsy Lundy, Mick Delargy 2.26.20

Betsy Lundy from the Downtown Bangor Partnership and Downtown property owner Mick Delargy joined us in-studio.

Gene Cornish 2.26.20

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Gene Cornish joined us to discuss his new book, “Good Lovin’:  My Life As A Rascal”.

Red Gendron 2.26.20

University of Maine hockey coach Red Gendron joined us for his weekly visit, as the Black Bears prepare for this weekend’s trip to Providence.

Colin Fleming 2.25.20

Writer Colin Fleming joined us today for his weekly visit.

Richard Barron 2.25.20

Maine Black Bears basketball coach Richard Barron joined us for his weekly visit.

John Karalis 2.25.20

John Karalis of and the Locked On Celtics Podcast previews tonight’s game against Portland.

Gary Thorne 2.25.20

Baltimore Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne joined us to discuss the upcoming baseball season.

Kim Novak 2.24.20

Hollywood legend Kim Novak joined us to discuss her roles in films like “Vertigo” and “Bell, Book, and Candle”, her work with director Alfred Hitchcock, and why walking away from acting was the right decision for her.

Nick Coit 2.24.20

Nick Coit of ABC-6 in Providence help us get caught up on the Boston sports scene.

Dave Foley 2.21.20

Actor-Comedian Dave Foley talked with us about The Kids In The Hall, News Radio, and who he might play in the film version of the Trump years.

Jon Shields 2.21.20

Jon Shields, the voice of Maine Black Bear Hockey, previews this weekend’s games with Vermont.