Jack Cosgrove 8.13.20

Colby College football coach Jack Cosgrove joined us to talk about the postponent of the season, how coaches are keeping players connected, and shared his thoughts on the Bruins postseason chances.

Kyle Draper 8.12.20

We got the latest on the Boston scene with Kyle Draper of NBC Sports Boston.

G.E. Smith 8.12.20

Guitarist G.E. Smith joined us to discuss his powerful new album with LeRoy Bell, “Stony Hill”.

Bobby Wilder 8.11.20

Former Maine Black Bear and Old Dominion Coach Bobby Wilder talked with us about the state of the college football season and his  concerns over the elimination of Olympic sports from athletic programs.

Colin Fleming 8.11.20

Writer Colin Fleming on things found in the woods, Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”, and the British films of Alfred Hitchcok.

John Karalis 8.11.20

John Karalis of MassLive.com talks Celtics with us, as they get reading to take on Memphis.

Larry Strauss 8.11.20

Journalist and educator Larry Strauss joined us today to discuss the reopening of schools around the nation.

Gina Schock 8.10.20

Drummer Gina Shock of The Go-Go’s talked with our Carey Haskell about the new documentary on the band and “Club Zero”, their first new music in nearly twenty years.

Chad Finn 8.10.20

Chad Finn of The Boston Globe discussed the Red Sox and Celtics and the recent cuts at NBC Sports Boston.

Joyce Bulifant 8.10.20

Actress Joyce Bulifant returned to Downtown to talk about her work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Sean McAdam 8.6.20

Sean McAdam of Boston Sport Journal talked Red Sox with us this afternoon.

Patrick Hruby 8.6.20

Journalist Patrick Hruby returned to the show to talk about the NCAA’s continued reluctance to intervene in fall sports during the pandemic.

Kyle Draper 8.5.20

Kyle Draper of NBC Sports Boston talked with us about the Celtics loss to Miami and tonight’s game with Brooklyn.

Katie Aselton 8.5.20

Katie Aselton returned to Downtown to discuss her new film, “She Dies Tomorrow”, which is available on demand starting this weekend.

Colin Fleming 8.4.20

Writer Colin Fleming talk with us about inspiration on today’s weekly visit to the show.