Carolyn L. Baker 5.22.20

Author Carolyn L. Baker joined us to discuss her new book, “An Unintentional Accomplice”.

Michael Hurley 5.22.20

Michael Hurley of WBZ, CBS-Boston, joined us on today’s Downtown.

This Day In Rock & Roll History 5.22.20

Mighty John Marshall with another lesson from the school of rock.

Armando Camina 5.21.20

Armando Camina joined us on Downtown to discuss the work of the Hope, Faith, and Charity Foundation.

Faruq Tauheed 5.21.20

Faruq Tauheed joined us on today’s show to discuss his NBC series, “Roots Less Traveled”.

Andy Gresh 5.21.20

Andy Gresh of WPRO and CBS Sports Radio joined us to make sense of the world.

Kyle Draper 5.20.20

Kyle Draper of NBC Sports Boston with his weekly visit to Downtown.

Jenney Wilder 5.20.20

Jenney Wilder of joined us to discuss ways to talk with kids about Coronavirus anxiety.

Sports Lit 101 05.20.20 with Brad Balukjian

Author Brad Balukjian joined Bruce Pratt to discuss his book, “The Wax Pack: On the Open Road in Search of Baseball’s Afterlife.”

Colin Fleming 5.19.20

Writer Colin Fleming talked with us about a new short story he’s written, the classic series, “Gunsmoke”, and criticisms of the Robert Mitchum/Kirk Douglas film, “Out Of The Past”.

John Karalis 5.19.20

We got the latest on the Celtics and the NBA with John Karalis of and the Locked On Celtics Podcast.

David Thewlis 5.19.20

Actor David Thewlis talked with us about his new series, “Barkskins”, which premieres on Memorial Day on Nat Geo, and discusses his roles in the Harry Potter films and “The Big Lebowski”.

D.J. Boldin 5.18.20

Former NFL player D.J. Boldin talked with us about returning to coach his high school team in the ultra-competitive region of Florida known as “Muck City”, the subject of a new documentary series on Curiosity Stream, “4th and Forever”.

Marc Freeman 5.18.20

Marc Freeman of The Hollywood Reporter returned to Downtown to discuss his new book, “Modern Family: The Untold Oral History of One of Television’s Groundbreaking Sitcoms”.

Michael Campion 5.18.20

  Actor Michael Campion joined us to discuss his work on “Fuller House” and “Red Ruby”, as well as his love of magic.