1. Kicking game was the difference…defense was tough for the most part, Offence tough but sporadic at times, kicking game was huge disappointment..only in their
    block protection..demoralizing to have two kicks blocked and fumble a punt that should have been let go and allowed to bounce into the end zone. lt’s true, as the Coach said..Deleware didn’t win the game the game..The Bears lost it (actually almost “gave it” ) to the Hens.
    Lessons to be learned and this was a big one..
    Black Bears are good this year…really talented, and they are basically young and going to improve next season.
    Discipline needs to be, must be, has to be emphasized even more in 2018 even as l’m sure it was emphasized this season.
    No one person more important than the team.
    Just say in
    Jerry Perkins

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