Bryan Cranston 10.20.16

An award winning actor across multiple platforms, Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad and Malcom in the Middle, joined the show on Thursday afternoon to talk about his new book “A Life in Parts”. Bryan shares several wonderful stories about his life, his career, and all of the things in between. This is a fascinating discussion with a Hollywood icon; have a listen.


  1. Eileen Ellis says:

    Great interview, Rich! I was a huge Bryan Cranston fan before listening, but I now have an understanding of the man and his motivation outside the characters he has played. What struck me was the parallel between how he said acting is exploratory, being who you are, and taking risks, and our jobs as teachers. We have to share and be vulnerable with our kids. We are often unaware of our own power, the impact we have on the lives of our students. I enjoyed this so much!!!

    1. Rich Kimball says:

      Thanks, Eileen! He was so open and honest and thoughtful…I love his approach to his craft and to his life. That was a really special conversation.

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