Keana Strzelczyk talks about “Concussion” and NFL player safety

Keana Strzelczyk McMahon, the ex-wife and widow of former UMaine and NFL Football player Justin Strzelcryk, joined Downtown to talk about the new movie “Concussion” and give her thoughts on whether the NFL is doing enough for player safety. Strzelczyk McMahon discussed her work with the film’s producers, as well as with actors Matthew Willig and Bitsie Tulloch, and explained that she even loaned her ex-husband’s motorcycle to be used in the film. She also said that she no longer watches the NFL and talked about what advice she might give to parents wondering if their children should take up the game.


  1. Bruce Pratt says:

    It is interviews like this one that make me especially proud to be a small part of a great show.

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