John Karalis on NBA Playoffs, Cs off-season

John Karalis of came on Downtown to preview the off-season for the Boston Celtics and to talk about the conference finals in the NBA. He likes both Golden State and Cleveland to be battling it out for the championship this season and also said that this may be the most active off-season yet for […]

Jason Patt previews the conference championships in the NBA

Jason Patt of SB Nation and Today’s Fastbreak came on Downtown to talk about the conference championships in the NBA. Patt gave his thoughts on the four teams left in the mix and told us about who he believes will be meeting in the NBA championship soon.

Jason Patt on the NBA playoffs

Jason Patt of Today’s Fastbreak and SB Nation came back on Downtown to discuss the second round of the NBA playoffs. Patt thinks the Bulls will still have a tough series on their hands after beating the Cavs in game one. He also said that he thinks the Golden State Warriors should reach the NBA […]

Jay King on the Cavs/Celtics series

  Jay King of the Springfield Republican and joined Downtown to talk about the first round series between Cleveland and Boston.  King talked about the Cs loss last night and what they need to do in the second game to get back into the series before it heads to Boston.  He also talked about […]

John Karalis on the Celtics first round match-up

  John Karalis of Red’s Army came on Downtown to talk about the incredible stretch run for the Cs to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference as a seventh seed.  He talked about what Brad Stevens has done so well in guiding the team in just his second season on the job.  Karalis gives […]