Gary Tanguay on the Red Sox, Bruins, and TV

Gary Tanguay of CSNNE joined Downtown on Friday afternoon to talk about the Red Sox start of the 2016 season.  Tanguay gave some of his impressions on the early start by Boston and told us whether or not we should be optimistic about this squad.  He also talked about the Celtics’ chances in the post […]

Gary Tanguay on the Pats, Celtics, and old Maine radio days

Gary Tanguay of CSNNE joined Rich and Ryan on Friday to talk about the Patriots’ lost opportunities and the Boston Celtics. Tanguay said that there were many moments that the Pats could have taken advantage of during the season that would have sent them to San Francisco, but instead sent them home early. He also […]

Gary Tanguay gives his thoughts on Price signing and the Gronk injury

Gary Tanguay of CSNNE joined Downtown to talk about the signing of David Price by the Boston Red Sox and to give his thoughts on the New England Patriots. Tanguay thought that the Sox paid too much money for Price, but thought it was the right thing to do for them to be successful in […]

Gary Tanguay on Dion Lewis and Bill Belichick’s coaching masterpiece

Gary Tanguay of CSNNE came on Downtown to talk about the Pats’ win over Washington on Sunday. Tanguay spoke on the loss of Dion Lewis and what it will mean for the offense in New England for the second half of the season. He also said that the way Belichick has been able to succeed, […]

Gary Tanguay gives advice to Tom Brady and calls out Gregg Doyel

  Gary Tanguay of CSNNE joined Downtown on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the Pats and had some words for Indianapolis columnist Gregg Doyel. Tanguay had some advice for Tom Brady and said that he has to be wary of what he promotes and who he does business with. He also talked about the mindset […]

Gary Tanguay talks about deflategate and Lucchino

Gary Tanguay of Comcast Sports Net New England joined Downtown on Monday to talk about the latest in deflategate with Tom Brady and also to talk about Larry Lucchino resigning. Tanguay is optimistic that this issue between the NFLPA and the NFL will be resolved well before the start to the season. He also gave […]

Gary Tanguay on David Ortiz and Tom Brady’s appeal

Gary Tanguay of CSNNE talked with Rich about the David Ortiz illness and if the Roger Goodell appeal decision on Tom Brady will be handed down this week. Tanguay delved into the real truth of Ortiz missing the finale of the Yankees/Red Sox series, while also talking about what the Sox may do come the […]

Gary Tanguay on Hernandez verdict, Chiarelli firing

Gary Tanguay of CSNNE joined Downtown on an extremely busy sports day in Boston.  He talked about the jury’s decision to sentence Aaron Hernandez to life in prison without parole, and also spoke on the firing of Peter Chiarelli that came down in the morning.

Gary Tanguay