Josh Gondelman on his work with “Last Week Tonight” and his career

  Writer and comedian Josh Gondelman joined Downtown to talk about his career and work on “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver. Josh spoke about how he got the gig with Oliver in the first place and what the experience has been like to work on the program on a daily and weekly basis. He […]

“Shut Up And Eat” with Joe Ricchio – 3.4.16

Downtown debuted a new segment on Friday afternoon called “Shut Up And Eat” with Joe Ricchio. Ricchio, a comedian and writer for both the “Downeast” and “Dispatch” magazines, joined the show to preview what the whole segment will be about in the coming weeks and also spoke on his relationship with Ryan Waning. He said […]

Comedian Tom Cotter on upcoming appearance in Bangor and America’s Got Talent

Comedian Tom Cotter joined Downtown on Tuesday afternoon to talk about his upcoming appearance at the Gracie Theatre. He talked about coming close to winning the America’s Got Talent competition and what it’s like to be married to a fellow comedian.  He also mentioned his love for Boston sports and dealing with Giants fans in […]

Lewis Black on his career, television, and politics

Comedian Lewis Black came on Downtown to talk about his upcoming show at the Collins Center for the Arts at the University of Maine on Thursday. Black discussed his roots in theater, his work on The Daily Show, his new Pixar film “Inside Out”, and his love of the work of author Kurt Vonnegut.

Eddie Brill on his career, appearance on “The Nite Show”

Legendary comedian Eddie Brill came into Downtown’s Seasons restaurant studios to talk about his career in the business and working with the great David Letterman.  He also promoted his upcoming appearance on “The Nite Show” on April 8th.