Mark Duplass talks about “Togetherness”, “The League”, and HBO

Actor/Director Mark Duplass joined Downtown in advance of the premiere of the second season of the HBO Series “Togetherness”. Duplass discussed the way Season One ended and how the show reflects how having children can impact a relationship. Mark also talked about his wife, Katie Aselton, joining the cast, as well as the great work […]

Actor Michael Dorn on “Ted 2” and playing Worf on “Star Trek”

Actor Michael Dorn joined Downtown to talk about the DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Download release of the movie “Ted 2”. Dorn plays the role of Rick who is in a relationship with the character played by Patrick Warburton. He spoke about the unique role and what it was like to act alongside Warburton. Dorn talked […]

Mike Farrell discusses efforts to end the death penalty

Mike Farrell, famous for his role on the landmark television series M*A*S*H, joined Downtown again to discuss his career and his work as an activist. Farrell told us about his efforts to repeal the death penalty in California, which he feels could set an important precedent. He also talked about an appearance last week in […]

Timothy Simons on his career and “VEEP”

  Maine native and actor Timothy Simons joined Downtown on Thursday to talk about the fourth season of “VEEP” that kicked off this past Sunday on HBO. Tim discussed his character, Jonah Ryan, new cast members Patton Oswalt and Hugh Laurie, and his work in two upcoming films, Goosebumps and Michelle Darnell.