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Downtown with Rich Kimball - Monday – Friday 4pm – 6pm – AM620 WZON – Mike Lowe 12.10.18

Mike Lowe 12.10.18

Mike Lowe of the Portland Press Herald talks University of Maine football with us.


  1. Bill Docos says:

    This is an edited comment I left on an article from the Portland Press Harald, and I wanted to share it here. I think this might be just the place to share a story like this. It’s a little long but it’s how I feel about this team and this school. Hope you’ll make it through it and enjoy it.

    I’ve been to six BlackBear games + the preseason this year. As a fan in the stands, it’s been an incredible experience, just at the feeling of being there, the fall into winter air, you look out to the field and there are 2 sidelines loaded with giants and speedsters, you get jacked up ready for a fight. Most of the time when I go to a game you hope for that, but it somehow falls short. Not with this team. Not this year. From the Musket Game, The Midnight Doaker, ELON! The Final Four! Heck from what I watched & heard from the TV game call, even the CMU game was a fight, in spite of the loss. When I see the other team making plays, and we’re all screaming “D-Fence” The coaches on the other team are pumping their fists and doing the windmill or the Jack Nicholson and they’re screaming out plays and you can feel the tension in our stands, “Oh Man! Why didn’t you do this, or Hey Ref You wanna borrow my glasses” and I just look out at our guys and when their offense takes our D into the red zone, almost like clockwork they make a play! Just when everyone in the stands is bracing for the inevitable, there is no panic from the guys, they’re talking to each other, when there’s a mistake they’re reaching out touching hands, fist bumping, looking at the coaches, yeah there were some crazy yellow flags, some were real, some were…well let’s not go there. All the way down to their own end zone,,,,, and boom! It’s like they drew them into hope just to snatch it away, and just before it happens you look at our sideline, the Oline is buttoning their helmets, Fergg is with the OC, Dobson, and Deneke are eye to eye and the Defence has the ball and before the other team removes the same hands they were waving them on with, from over their heads and eyes,,, the Offence is on the field in formation.
    I’ve watched that at least 10 times a game this year.

    As a Dad of a player on this team, I am blown away at the transformation from the last 2 years and rolling, not just from my own boy but everyone. The underestimation from the league, the almost laughable disrespect from writers officials, other players, the stoic smirks and comments out of the sides of mouths from “The Good Teams” and their fans, it’s like food to these guys and that says to me that the leadership here is something you can believe in.

    On an academic and athletic level, for my son, him being here at this time. at this school, I am overwhelmed! This is where he wanted to be since middle school and the University Of Maine in so many ways, not just in sports, but in ways I didn’t expect him to grow, overcome or succeed in. Not that I didn’t think he couldn’t do everything he set for himself to do, but in the way this school and it’s staff have prepared a road for him, set bars for him, they really do just give him a mark, show how to achieve it, set him on the path and its on him to carry the ball over the line. (Well, not as a lineman he wouldn’t) I gotta say, I was very nervous about Coach H when I first met him, my first thought was, “Too Young!” (Honestly, I was guilty of underestimating him as well, But only for a minute) My Son, thankfully, bought in immediately! As I have watched the coach, gotten to know him even just from a fans view, I have a ton of respect for him. I have been able to witness his love for his family, his staff, school, and his players, and I believe that also reflects on who he is and on his leadership.

    I am very proud of this team, lots of guys I’ve come to know, a lot of similar stories and each student on this team has been given that chance to make it here! Work for it and earn it here! They’re doing it and it says a lot about the UMaine culture when you look at every team in this schools Athletic Department, I think all of them are in banner years this year so far. You will NEVER go wrong getting your kids into this school! From the coaches own words after the WKU game #ourBelief #BearWitness #GoBlue #DM39 #BlackbearNation
    The Greatest Marching Band showing up on national TV the way they did, with the story they had!! That was Epic! Loved it! Need More!

    P.S.S. About this young Offence Line.., I think they have done an incredible job! The first shots of underestimating this team were at the o-line, I think they are a little unsung but I am a little biased and then, that’s part of their job description. #5iveStrong!

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