“Message In The Bottle” with Eric Mihan – April 5th

Eric Mihan of Bangor Wine and Cheese and Crossroads Beverage Company joined Downtown to talk about wine pairings and food on this edition of “Message in the Bottle”.  Mihan wrapped up closures last month and took us into the realm of wines you can pair with food this time around for the month of April.  He brought in a bottle of Château Roûmieu-Lacoste from Kermit Lynch that pairs very well with desserts.  Mihan also told us that this wine could keep its taste for a while after opening and advised us to not drink too much of the sweet concoction all at once.

Check out the great selection of wine at Bangor Wine & Cheese at 86 Hammond Street in Bangor, or check them out online at MihanFamilyBeverage.com!