“Message In The Bottle” with Eric Mihan – March 22nd

Eric Mihan of Bangor Wine and Cheese and Crossroads Beverage Company joined Downtown for another edition of “Message In The Bottle”. He continued his conversations for the month about wine bottle closures and talked about synthetic corks for those who still enjoy the pop of opening a wine, but don’t want to deal with real cork.  Eric said that the closure can affect the wine’s taste slightly and the fact that they aren’t biodegradable can turn some off from them.  This week we sampled a Zinfandel from Bliss Family Vineyard from Mendocino, California.  Eric talked about the vineyard and gave some history on the origins of Zinfandels.

Check out the great selection of wine at Bangor Wine & Cheese at 86 Hammond Street in Bangor, or check them out online at MihanFamilyBeverage.com!