“Message In The Bottle” with Eric Mihan – March 15th

Eric Mihan of Bangor Wine and Cheese and Crossroads Beverage Company joined Downtown for another edition of “Message In The Bottle”. He continued his conversations for the month about wine bottle closures and brought in a wine with a glass one this time around. Mihan spoke about the glass closure and the elegance of the look of it. He said that it isn’t used a lot because of the cost compared to cork or other closures, but said it is unique because they’re fully customizable to give the wine some added style. The wine we sampled was called Scaia, from Italy in a region from Venice. The wine is a chardonnay and garganega and Mihan said the reason that the glass closure is used for it is because the wine is meant to be drunk instead of to be stored for long periods of time.

Check out the great selection of wine at Bangor Wine & Cheese at 86 Hammond Street in Bangor, or check them out online at MihanFamilyBeverage.com!