The Cult’s Billy Duffy talks about new album, his signature guitar, and GnR reunion

Rock guitarist Billy Duffy of the band “The Cult” joined Bryan Stackpole on Thursday to talk about the band’s 10th studio album “Hidden City”. Duffy remembered his time in the state of Maine back in the 1980s and went into detail on how he became connected with his iconic White Falcon guitar. He also spoke about how he ranks Ian Astbury among the great front-men of all-time and what his advice would be to Axl Rose and Slash as they reunite again.

“Hidden City” is “The Cult”s 10th studio album and will be available in stores and online on February 5th. The title track from the album is available now for download and the band is going on tour, including a stop in Boston at the Schubert Theatre on April 5th.