Bari Griffiths on his time with the WWE and Cirque du Soleil

Bari Griffiths joined Downtown to talk about his journey from the squared circle in the WWE to Cirque du Soleil.  Griffiths talked about his time with the WWE as a wrestler named Mason Ryan and how he looks back on his tenure there.  He also told the story of how the WWE helped him get […]

Marc Normandin on Spring Training and Daniel Bryan’s retirement

Marc Normandin of and SB Nation to talk about the latest in the MLB. He spoke about the Red Sox and how impressed he is with the potential bullpen that can be on display during the season. Normandin also talked about the potential landing spots of Bryce Harper in a few years and gave […]

WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart stops by Downtown

WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart stopped by Downtown’s studio to talk about his appearance in Bangor at Seasons Restaurant. Hart talked about the great event that is coming up this evening and told how it felt to have a top four hit on the Billboard Charts back in the 60s. He also spoke candidly […]