New York Law professor Robert Blecker on deflate-gate’s “smoking gun”

New York Law School professor Robert Blecker joined Downtown on Friday to talk about the investigation into the alleged altering of footballs that the NFL said Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did before the AFC Championship game last January. Blecker talked about the PSI recording procedures and how the league did not report […]

Michael Hurley discusses the Pats and Wells Report

  Michael Hurley of CBS Boston joined Downtown to talk about the ongoing saga of “deflategate” as football fans wait for a possible punishment.  Hurley discussed what he thought after reading the entire Wells Report and looked into why punishment wasn’t handed down when the report was levied.

Chad Finn on the Wells Report and Bill Simmons

Chad Finn of the Boston Globe and joined Downtown to talk about the latest with the Wells Report and Tom Brady, as well as the firing of bill Simmons by ESPN.  Finn talked about what he learned with reading the report and what he thinks the league will levy as a punishment moving forward.  […]

Mike Lowe on Wells Report and draft

Mike Lowe of the Portland Press Herald joined Downtown on Thursday to try and make sense of the Wells Report that was released on Wednesday. Lowe said that he thinks Tom Brady will be suspended, but was curious to see what the league would do with the season opener featuring the Pats. He also talked […]

Kyle Draper on the Wells Report

Kyle Draper of CSNNE came on Downtown to talk about the Wells Report and everything else going on in the Boston sports landscape. Draper said that Brady does not look good in the findings by the league, but is unsure exactly what the NFL will do as a punishment for the findings. He also spoke […]