Tim Throckmorton on his loss in Downtown Madness and Vann’s departure

Tim Throckmorton of WABI TV 5 joined Downtown to keep the door open for the super delegates to vote in him to the next round of Downtown Madness after his loss to Wayne Harvey.  Throck read a concession speech after his Downtown Madness loss in the Sweet Sixteen and was honored to have made it […]

Tim Throckmorton on SLWS and local sports

WABI TV5’s Tim Throckmorton joined Downtown to talk about the Senior League World Series, the start to the football season collegiately in the area, and also to reminisce about the earlier days in the business of television and radio in the Bangor market. Throckmorton also accepted a bid to compete in this month’s Rap Battle.

Tim Throckmorton on local sports scene

Tim Throckmorton of WABI TV5 joined Downtown to talk about the latest in the local sports scene. Throckmorton talked about the new Bangor High School basketball coach returning after years away from the bench. He and Rich also reminisced about their old days in radio as well.