New York Law professor Robert Blecker on deflate-gate’s “smoking gun”

New York Law School professor Robert Blecker joined Downtown on Friday to talk about the investigation into the alleged altering of footballs that the NFL said Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did before the AFC Championship game last January. Blecker talked about the PSI recording procedures and how the league did not report […]

Steph Stradley with the latest on the Brady/NFL legal battle

  Steph Stradley, a Texas based lawyer and a writer for the Houston Chronicle, joined downtown to help us understand the latest in the Tom Brady/NFL courtroom discussions. Stradley spoke on the judge’s insistence that the sides come to an agreement and what exactly would happen if nothing is changed by the 31st of August […]

Bob Ryan: “This punishment wouldn’t have been given to any team other than the Patriots”

  Iconic sportswriter Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe joined Downtown on Wednesday to share his thoughts on last night’s ceremony to honor Pedro Martinez, the demise of Boston’s Olympic bid, and Deflategate. Ryan believes Pedro is one of the two best pitchers he ever covered along with Luis Tiant. Ryan also had no problem […]

Vinne Iyer: “I think there’s a case of overcompensation in [Tom Brady] punishment”

  Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News talked with Rich Kimball about the appeal decision from the NFL on Tom Brady and what the next step will be. Iyer talked about the comments from Robert Kraft this morning and what the relationship is now for him and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. He also said that […]

Kyle Draper on Robert Kraft and the NBA Draft

  Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown once again to talk about latest in the Boston sports scene. He spoke on the latest involving the New England Patriots and Robert Kraft backing down against the NFL. He also talked about the NBA Draft lottery and what Celtics fans should be cheering for in the future […]