Bob Ryan: “This punishment wouldn’t have been given to any team other than the Patriots”

  Iconic sportswriter Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe joined Downtown on Wednesday to share his thoughts on last night’s ceremony to honor Pedro Martinez, the demise of Boston’s Olympic bid, and Deflategate. Ryan believes Pedro is one of the two best pitchers he ever covered along with Luis Tiant. Ryan also had no problem […]

Mike Lowe on his Baseball HOF experience

  Mike Lowe of the Portland Press Herald joined Downtown on his way back from an eventful hall of fame induction at Cooperstown, New York. Lowe talked about what it was like to witness Pedro Martinez and his captivating speech in front of thousands of Red Sox fans. He spoke about he and his sons’ […]

Chad Finn on horrendous start to the second half by the Red Sox

Chad Finn of the Boston Globe joined Downtown Thursday to talk about the continued struggles of the Boston Red Sox in the second half of the season. Finn compared the 2015 Sox campaign to the one that ended poorly in 2012 and said that he thinks this edition of the team may even be more […]