Dave D’Onofrio on the NFL’s appeal and Spring Training baseball

Dave D’Onofrio of the NH Union Leader joined Downtown to talk about the upcoming appeal for Tom Brady and the start of Spring Training games for the Boston Red Sox. D’Onofrio said he can’t envision a scenario in which the Patriots get their first round pick back in 2016, but said he thinks that Tom […]

Dave D’Onofrio on the Sox AL East swing

Dave D’Onofrio of the New Hampshire Union Leader joined Downtown to talk about the Boston Red Sox continued struggles at Fenway Park. He said whether or not he viewed the Sox as buyers or sellers at the trade deadline and what the next step could be for the team moving forward.

Dave D’Onofrio on the next step for the Red Sox

  Dave D’Onofrio talked about the Red Sox and Pats with Downtown on a Tuesday edition. He spoke on who the leaders are on the Red Sox and what is exactly wrong with the team. The Sox are just 2.5 games back in the division going into the Tuesday night game and D’Onofrio also spoke […]