“Shut Up & Eat” with Joe Ricchio – 4.15.16

Joe Ricchio returned to Downtown well rested from his time in Italy and talked about adjusting again to life in Maine.  Ricchio spoke about some of the foods he missed the most while he was in Europe and what he’s been up to since returning.  He also gave us a glimpse into what he will […]

“Shut Up & Eat” with Joe Ricchio – 4.8.16

Joe Ricchio joined Ryan for another edition of Shut Up & Eat and talked about his recent trip to Italy and the experiences that he had in the old country.  Joe spoke about the cuisine and if he actually missed his time in Maine while on vacation.  He also talked about some of the things […]

“Shut Up & Eat” with Joe Ricchio – 3.25.16

Joe Ricchio joined Rich and Ryan for another edition of “Shut Up & Eat”.  Joe came on the program via the telephone to talk about some recent places he had dined at over the last week or so.  He also talked about his upcoming trip to Italy to sample some cuisine and what he feels […]

“Shut Up And Eat” with Joe Ricchio – 3.4.16

Downtown debuted a new segment on Friday afternoon called “Shut Up And Eat” with Joe Ricchio. Ricchio, a comedian and writer for both the “Downeast” and “Dispatch” magazines, joined the show to preview what the whole segment will be about in the coming weeks and also spoke on his relationship with Ryan Waning. He said […]