Kyle Draper on the Celtics, Kobe Bryant, and the Golden State Warriors

Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown to talk about the big final game of the season in the NBA.  Draper broke down the match-up for the Celtics against the Miami Heat and talked about what match-ups in the first round would be the biggest benefit for the team.  He also spoke about the retirement of […]

Gary Tanguay on the Red Sox, Bruins, and TV

Gary Tanguay of CSNNE joined Downtown on Friday afternoon to talk about the Red Sox start of the 2016 season.  Tanguay gave some of his impressions on the early start by Boston and told us whether or not we should be optimistic about this squad.  He also talked about the Celtics’ chances in the post […]

Kyle Draper previews Celtics game versus the Pelicans and the potential demise of the Bruins

Kyle Draper of CSNNE talked about the Cs’ game with the New Orleans Pelicans that evening and tried to give us some hope on tonight’s Clay Buchholz start.  Draper spoke about the ending of the Celtics’ West Coast trip and was ecstatic with how it wrapped up.  He also was not keen about what we […]

Kyle Draper on Cs’ West Coast swing, Kid Rock, and the Red Sox

  Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown on a Wednesday afternoon to talk about a big West Coast road trip for the Boston Celtics.  Draper talked about how difficult this trip is, even with teams like the LA Lakers being on the schedule due to their difficulties earlier in the season against them.  He also […]

Kyle Draper on if the Celtics can lure Durant to Boston

Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown for his weekly appearance and spoke about the Celtics and the trade of Chandler Jones. Draper mentioned the comments by Kevin Durant enjoying the city of Boston and gave the chances that the Cs could actually land a big time free agent during the off-season. He also spoke about […]

Kyle Draper on Celtics’ game versus Memphis and NFL free agency

  Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown to talk about the Celtics’ game versus the Memphis Grizzlies and also broke down some of the NFL signings from around the league. Draper was excited to see the Cs back in action tonight and expected to see team like the one versus the Knicks as opposed to […]

Kyle Draper on the Celtics game with Portland and the Red Sox start to Spring Training

Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown for his weekly appearance on the show and talked about the Cs game versus the Trailblazers, Brady’s upcoming appeal, and the Red Sox start to Spring Training. Draper said that Portland presents a tough match-up for the Celtics, but doesn’t doubt that Boston could win with how well they’ve […]

Mike Gorman on the Cs, Brad Stevens, and working with Tommy Heinsohn

Mike Gorman, the television play by play voice of the Boston Celtics, came on Downtown to talk about the team’s second half run on Thursday afternoon edition of the program. Among the topics Gorman covered were the match-up on Thursday against the Bucks at the TD Garden and how impressive Brad Stevens is as a […]

Kyle Draper on Pablo Sandoval, Louis Eriksson, and the NFL vs Tom Brady

  Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown to talk about the weight of Pablo Sandoval and the Boston Celtics’ second half. Draper talked about the second half of the season so far for the Celtics and talked about how hard it is to officiate a guy like Isiah Thomas. He also spoke on the vitriol […]

Kyle Draper on the Celtics, Jerod Mayo, and Hanley Ramirez

  Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined downtown to talk about the big NBA trade deadline coming up tomorrow afternoon. Draper said that he doesn’t think any big moves are coming to Boston, but said that Dwight Howard would be the most likely big name to move. He also talked about Jerod Mayo’s sudden retirement and […]

Kyle Draper on Celtics’ trade talks and SB 50

  Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown to talk about the Boston Celtics getting back to their winning ways on Tuesday night and he previewed the upcoming Super Bowl this weekend. Draper told us what went right for the Cs against the Knicks last night and if the team could continue the streak into Wednesday […]

Gary Tanguay on the Pats, Celtics, and old Maine radio days

Gary Tanguay of CSNNE joined Rich and Ryan on Friday to talk about the Patriots’ lost opportunities and the Boston Celtics. Tanguay said that there were many moments that the Pats could have taken advantage of during the season that would have sent them to San Francisco, but instead sent them home early. He also […]

Mike Giardi wraps up the Patriots’ season

Mike Giardi of CSNNE joined Downtown to wrap up the 2015 season for the New England Patriots and previewed what the off-season may bring for the team. He talked about how if the Pats had played better at the end of the regular season, Giardi believes that they would be in the Super Bowl next […]

Kyle Draper on Celtics’ hot play and end of the season for Pats

Kyle Draper of CSNNE joined Downtown to talk about the Celtics hot play as of late and previewed the off-season for the New England Patriots. Draper talked about what exactly is going right for the Celtics to have the opportunity at a fourth straight win with a victory against Denver on Wednesday night. He also […]

Rich Levine on Kevin McHale trash talk and the AFC Championship game

Rich Levine of CSNNE joined Downtown to talk about his new story on Kevin McHale’s trash talk from the 1986 Boston Celtics’ team and spoke on the current Cs and Pats teams. Levine talked about how he tracked down the story about McHale embarrassing his former college teammate and tried to find the truth in […]