Sarah Smiley talks about her new book and family

Sarah Smiley joined Downtown on Tuesday afternoon to talk about her upcoming appearance and reading in Bangor of her most recent book.  Smiley talked about her connection to Bangor and how she also ended up in the region due to the military obligations of her husband.  She also talked about some of the stories in […]

Author Elizabeth Strout on her best-selling book “My Name Is Lucy Barton”

  Best-selling author, Pulitzer Prize winner(and Maine native) Elizabeth Strout joined Downtown to talk about her new book, “My Name Is Lucy Barton”. Strout spoke about her writing process and how she discovers a character’s voice, shared some background on the book’s setting, and explained what she thinks is the overarching message in the story. […]

Author Catherine McKenzie on “Smoke”

Best-selling author Catherine McKenzie came on Downtown this Thursday to talk about her new novel “Smoke”. McKenzie’s latest work focuses on the impact of people’s lives of a wildfire in the Rockies and especially the characters of Elizabeth and Mindy, whose different life choices come to a head in dealing with the fire. She discussed […]

Author Katherine Howe on her book “The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen”

New York Times bestselling author Katherine Howe joined Downtown to discuss her new book “The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen”. Katherine shared a little of the mysterious plot, described as a ghost story where the word “ghost” is never mentioned. This new book has drawn favorable early reviews, including high marks from Publisher’s Weekly and […]

Russ Banham on his book “Higher: 100 Years Of Boeing”

  Author Russ Banham joined Downtown to talk about his latest book, “Higher: 100 Years of Boeing”. Banham discussed the origins of Boeing and how the company came to revolutionize aviation from the ealriest days to Apollo 11 and beyond. He also talked about the influence of the company and compared it to other successful […]

Mel Proctor on Gene Mauch and “The Fugitive”

Sports broadcaster and author Mel Proctor came on Downtown to talk about his latest book called The Little General. Proctor spoke about the subject of the book, who was Gene Mauch, and how he should be viewed more for his successes than his shortcomings. Mel and Rich also talked about the former’s love of the […]

Mike Morsch on his new book and 1970s music

Author Mike Morsch joined Downtown again to talk about his new book, The Vinyl Diaries: Vol 2. He discussed moving into the 1970s for this edition of the book and also talking with some of the greats in music like Brian Wilson and Don Felder. Morsch also spoke on how he chose the Hall and […]

Peter Golenbock talks about “Red Sox Nation”

Red Sox Nation author Peter Golenbock joined Downtown to talk about the revised edition of his book. He shared some of the stories that you can find in the book and also gave his thoughts on some former players like Manny Ramirez & Carl Yastrzemski.