April 25, 2024

Tim Bissell

3-Pint Stance

Sean McAdam


Gary Tanguay






  1. Rick Foster says:

    Hi Rich!

    Have you tuned in this afternoon. Nice format change… heard you playing DJ before the 4 Pm news. Boy, did that bring back memories from the old days at WABI–910.

    Quick update…. Retired from WDEA 5 & a half years ago. Did 4 years on THE Wave 93.7, til it sold. Now doing Oldies on WERU 89.9 (99.9 in Bangor) Saturday afternoons from 3-5. ‘Real’ Oldies…. Mid 50s to early 60s only.

    Are you still teaching? I’ll be 75 this year. Time went by didn’t it?

    Would love to see you again sometime, do you allow people to drop in?

    Take care.


    1. Rich Kimball says:

      Hi Rick!

      What a pleasant surprise! I’m still teaching, directing plays at Brewer, as well as doing two hours of voice tracking and then a live talk show from 4-6 pm.
      And, as if that isn’t enough, I’ve got a four year old son at home. Seemed like a good idea at 55!

      Would love to talk with you. Feel free to stop in any afternoon between about 3:15 – 6:15!

      Glad to hear you’re still doing radio!


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