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Bobby Russell 3.30.22 - Downtown with Rich Kimball

Bobby Russell 3.30.22

Bobby Russell stopped by the Zone Radio studios to share the news that he’ll be playing the Retro Rock favorites weeknights from 6-10 pm starting next Monday, April 4.


  1. Rick Foster says:

    Hi Rich,

    Great interview with Bobby. I sure can relate to his un-retiring. I thought I retired from WDEA back in 2012, but found myself behind the mic at 93.7 The Wave 5 months later. When the station sold, I thought that was it. But, not to be. A year later I went back on the air on WERU in Blue Hill for 2 hours Saturday afternoons from 3-5 with a show called ‘At The Hop’. (mid 50s-mid 60s) I have a home studio and record it earlier in the week.
    Many of the things Bobby said really are true–it’s in the DNA and you need some outlet for creativity. Thanks for having him on–great validation. You did a great job chatting with him.

    Take care.

  2. Brian Nadeau says:

    Love this. Been a fan of Bobby’s sound, and Bobby as a person, for many years. He is truly iconic…yet he doesn’t realize it. LOTS of dues paid over the years, with NO EGO at all that I’ve seen.
    I used to watch Don Clarke and Mike McCarty…also Harry Gordon while on air in the pre Bobby days, as my Mom let me visit the station when she worked there in the mid 70s. Memories!!
    Then In the early 80s, well after the switch to ZON…my brother and I got to watch Bobby and Mitch Mitchell briefly on their shifts one day. (Mitch, also a freakish radio talent!)
    Bobby always so pleasant…and was that day too. Very warm and welcoming to us. The things you never forget.
    Thanks for doing this Rich. Well done, and important to have. I’ll be tuning in weeknights…the same time I think I used to hear Joel Rudham back in the day. Remember him? 🙂 The Bangor market still deeply needs Bobby. He’s our happy place in radio…still.

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