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Sean McAdam 12.2.21 - Downtown with Rich Kimball

Sean McAdam 12.2.21

Sean McAdam of Boston Sports Journal talked with us about the MLB offseason and what the Red Sox might be looking to do.


  1. ALAN G SAWYER says:

    Sean McAdams has the best voice of any writer. Pretty good writer also.

    I hope the Sox have finished their “cheap” (value) additions. Need a top pitcher (if there are any left) and a solution to mediocre fielding on left side of infield. Problem is their best prospects are Dalbec and the great prospect from the Olympics. Otherwise, move Raffy to first , Xander to third, and pay up for Corea or another free agent SS. Of course, such a plan depends on the willingness of R and X to move, which will not be
    automatic. Players are not machines and (must) have big egos.
    But as is, the current plan is a great value. Thus, pay up big or trade for a Big Ace pitcher.

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