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Mike Lowe 11.29.21 - Downtown with Rich Kimball

Mike Lowe 11.29.21

Mike Lowe of the Portland Press Herald joined us to talk about the departure of University of Maine football coach Nick Charlton, possible replacements, and what it might mean for the current roster.


  1. Mike Hodgson says:

    Welcome to FCS Football….
    You can’t expect a coach to think UMaine is the highlight of his career and there’s no better challenge especially when salaries are into the millions at the FBS level.
    Coordinators at FBS schools are making more money than HBC’s at most FCS schools.

  2. James Walsh says:

    Maine needs to put the same emphasis on a timely national search for a Football Head Coach that it did for Hockey.The program will lose players to the transfer portal if Maine drags its feet. Also, there needs to be an administrative commitment to properly fund the program-pay your coaches a wage that they can live on!

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