1. Michelle Kretzer says:

    Aww, yay! Animalkind was sooo good. Animals’ intellect is incredible in so many ways that most people never take the time to learn.

  2. KimMarie108 says:

    Animalkind is the book we all need during lockdown right now to reconnect us with nature and wildlife. Our animal neighbors deserve our respect, which means sharing this planet with them in compassionate, non-violent ways not unnecessarily killing billions of animals every year.

  3. Paula Renee says:

    Great interview! Ingrid’s book will surely inspire readers to start valuing other animals for who they are as individuals, not for the ways they can be exploited.

  4. LucyP says:

    Animalkind will surely inspire all who read it to do better, and do more, to help animals. When we begin to understand our fellow Earthlings and view them as the intelligent individuals they are, it becomes impossible to keep thoughtlessly exploiting them—or stay silent while others do so.

  5. Jennofur OConnor says:

    Now, more than ever, kindness and compassion for all is the most important message.

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