Colin Fleming –
    I chanced upon your article on BILLIE HOLIDAY IN BOSTON – your writing, the depths you reach are astonishing, and I am very anxious (for my own sanity) to talk with you about what she means to me.
    I’m from what was Rhodesia, and arrived in Boston on January 9th 1959 – to attend Berklee – this was after I’d heard especially two tracks on Willis Conovers VOICE OF AMERICA nightly jazz programme some 2 years before. I’d failed my science studies at university, and after hearing these particular tracks, I knew – without any hesitation that my life would be in jazz.
    One of the tracks was Billies DON’T EXPLAIN.

    Please let me know if I could ladle this tale on you, and also find out how to obtain recordings from those Storyville gigs –
    With some trepidation,
    Michael Gibbs

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