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Patrick Hruby: Should HS Football Be Eliminated? - Downtown with Rich Kimball

Patrick Hruby: Should HS Football Be Eliminated?

Patrick Hruby of Vice Sports joined us Friday to talk about his powerful column on high school football. A school board candidate in Las Vegas proposed banning the sport in area schools and while his idea sounded far-fetched at first, there is plenty of research to indicate that he had some valid reasons. Check out this thought-provoking conversation from Friday’s show.


  1. Fred Lewin says:

    Not a new discussion. In the 1960’s, my family moved to a town in Massachusetts that had eliminated football a decade or more earlier due to the tragic death of a team member. As a consequence, all the athletes joined the soccer team and they always led their conference. Their coach, a former pro football lineman, explained to us more than once that in the days of leather helmets, fewer head and neck injuries occurred because they did not use their heads to hit an opposing player. As memory of the tragedy faded, parents pushed for a football team in hopes of football scholarships to defray college costs. Both teams were at the bottom of their conference. The pro lineman chose to remain the soccer coach.

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