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Bangor Police’s Tim Cotton 6.28.16 - Downtown with Rich Kimball

Bangor Police’s Tim Cotton 6.28.16

The man behind the BPD’s Facebook page, Tim Cotton joined the show Tuesday to talk about some of the events that have already come to Bangor as well as some upcoming ones and what it means logistically for the city of Bangor. We also get an update on the condition of the Duck of Justice and find out what to do if we ever need to have Rich refurbished.


  1. Nancy Nett says:

    Great interview TC. I’m glad that the DOJ will be able to undergo reconstructive surgery.

  2. Carolyn Rogers says:

    TC is the best PR person for Bangor–funny gets the point across every time

  3. Justine Miller says:

    Tim Cotton has lots of followers in Southern California now because I share his Tuesday posts every week. We love the Duck of Justice.

  4. June Leen says:

    Get well soon DOJ will be praying for you.Take good care of him TC.

  5. Kathryn Karney says:

    What a nice guy. I keep thinking Bangor seems like a great town. Great opening music! One of my favs.

  6. Penn says:

    So good to hear T.C. On the radio. Love my daily dose of BPD posts. Get well soon DOJ!

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